Boynton Beach Artists Relief

The world is a very strange place right now.  We have all been shut inside for weeks, and it has been a roller-coaster of emotions for every single one of us.  Personally, my life has run the gamut from total panic – I did not buy a ton of toilet paper though – to gut-busting hilarity, and all the way to sadness and anger. It’s been a very difficult time for everyone.  Making it perfect timing that “Boynton Beach Art in Public Places launched the 20/20/50 Artists Relief online social media program to support and promote artists through the artwork they create in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Needing an outlet for my creativity and emotions, I was grateful for the opportunity to submit my artwork to the virtual exhibit.

My response to the Call to Artists is titled “Cascade” with the explanation that I know that we are all completely overwhelmed during this unprecedented time, but I wanted to share the one thing that helps me most: taking a very deep breath and on my exhale I say out loud to myself “Peace begins with me.”   Try it if you’re having a tough day, it works!

The Artists Relief program was featured in the Palm Beach Post and you can read more about it here!

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