Chris & Casey’s AA Barn Wedding

Wrapping up the finishing touches on Chris & Casey’s wedding I have an ear-to-ear grin.  This couple and their families are amazing people. When we first met for our consultation we immediately hit it off and Casey told me “I bet people will think you’re an old friend of mine!”  Sure enough, by the end of the day, I felt as if I’d known them my entire life and I had laughed and cried right along with them and had been asked many times how long we’d all known one another.  I love that Chris and Casey included their dogs in the ceremony and had their friend and officiant hold them during the ceremony.  The day was filled with laughter, love, and lots of music and so much more than I can ever explain. So, as it said: a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope this little glimpse shows what a magical day it was!

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