Clay & Michelle’s Wedding at the Colony Hotel

A charming and gorgeous couple like Michelle and Clay were an absolute joy to photograph on their wedding day at the spectacularly vintage-styled Colony Hotel in Palm Beach.  Clay looked ever so dapper in his seersucker suit, and Michelle was breathtaking in her out-of-the-box red and Fuschia wedding gown.  Accompanied by their two sons and two daughters during the laughter-filled and heartfelt ceremony, I got a sense for who this wonderful couple truly is.  Michelle an interior designer and Clay in Agriculture development were both raucously funny during the ceremony and all night long while tearing up the dance floor with their family and friends. The beautiful flash of red on the dance from Michell’s twirling dress was a sight to behold. All around it was a night to remember and I am glad I was there to capture their photographic memories!

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