Earth Baby Feature in Gothesque Magazine

I was very excited to create for Mother Earth theme in Gothesque Magazine, and was even more elated when I woke up on Mother’s Day and found it was a gloomy, rainy day here in South Florida perfect for capturing the images I had in my mind! For those of you who don’t know, those days are the best days for natural light photography. The lighting outside is soft and will lend skin a special ethereal glow. Also, there’s usually a break in the clouds that will allow for a spectacular sunset, so you just have to be patient!

Several years ago, I was handed a wedding dress after a Trash The Dress session on Oahu and was told to find a place to take it so someone else could use it. I am so superstitious about wedding items, that I couldn’t bring myself to drop it off at a thrift store and have held onto it, just in case I was ever asked about it. My daughter was just a tiny little girl then but has blossomed into a beautiful young woman, who as luck would have it now fits into the dress perfectly.

Spring is my favorite time of year because that is normally when everything starts to come alive. Living in South Florida, the land of the never-ending summers, spring is a little different. This spring brought quarantine, a little hysteria, and a baby Opossum in the living room at 3 am one night. We figure the tiny little guy must have dropped from his mother’s back and somehow made it inside our house during the day. We did a ton of research and built him an enclosure to raise him until he was safe to be on his own. We named him Harrison, and along with our adopted kitten Mavis, he makes an appearance in these photos. Please have a look, and consider supporting artists and small businesses by buying a copy for yourself here.

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