Feature in Dye Magazine Mermaid Issue

As you all know I am in love with all things involving the big blue, and leap at the chance to play a mermaid. It is a lot harder than it looks! If you’ve never tried swimming with a monofin and a tail, you’ll be surprised how hard it is to swim when you can’t kick your legs. Luckily, my kiddo and muse is much better at it than I am. When Dye Magazine announced their mermaid theme, I jumped on it! Sloane had recently bleached a large streak in the front of her hair, so it was a perfect opportunity to play with colors.  We dyed the front streak with Arctic Fox purple dye and good ‘ol black hair dye on the rest of her hair.  The chlorine in the pool immediately made the colors fade, so we had to color her hair again, but it was worth it because the photos turned out fantastic and our shot underwater made the back cover of the magazine!  

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