John & Bonnie’s Wedding Day

John and Bonnie’s wedding was a beautiful Florida December day. The kind of perfect winter day that attracts what I’ve learned to call flocks of snowbirds to Palm Beach County. These two have known one another for a very long time, and Bonnie shared with me that her mother once told them both that she knew they were going to end up together – she was right! Anyone who spends even a few minutes with them and witnesses their comfortable, deep, and effortless connection knows how much they love one another. Any time I’ve spent with them has definitely made my romantic heart joyful.

Another way I can tell how blessed these two are is that on their wedding day we had a few visitors extra visitors floating around in the form of orbs and flickering lights. I’ve had orbs pop up in images before, and they tend to throw the camera off. While I was shooting, I kept seeing green spots on my viewfinder, so I took a short break to rest my eyes in case they were playing tricks on me. At that time I noticed the lights were flickering in the dining room. I flipped back through the images and sure enough, the orbs were there. I brought it to John & Bonnie’s attention, and to my surprise, they were talking about the same thing, and had noticed the flickering lights too! We were all in agreement that John and Bonnie’s family members who have passed on were giving their blessings to the couple by showing up on their wedding day.

Congratulations John & Bonnie! I wish you a continued life of happiness and love!

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