Nicole & JC Say “I do!”

Wedding Dress at Nicole & JC's Wedding in Winter Haven

As an entrepreneur working on my website and social media to promote my business is a constant process. Today I was scrolling through my files and realized that I had not shared images from the gorgeous and fun-filled wedding of Nicole and JC in Winterhaven, Florida. I sat here for a moment pondering why, and then remembered when I arrived home from that weekend, I discovered my bathroom had flooded, and there was water everywhere! I handled the mess of water and then set to the task of editing and delivering their images to them as fast as possible. I was so busy that I forgot to share their photos, and what a shame, because their “First Look” was without a doubt the best I have ever photographed!
Nicole had her brother dress up in their Mother’s wedding dress and fool her groom-to-be JC. It was hysterical! 

 Set against the backdrop of Lake Eloise with giant Cypress trees standing tall in the water behind them, the sunset ceremony and reception were breathtaking. True to Florida form, an alligator swam by during the festivities. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture photos of the alligator because it was too dark, but it was fun to see! So, even though it is late, please wish a heartfelt congratulations to Nicole and JC on their gorgeous and hilarious wedding! 

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