Sarah & Ben Say “I Do!”

I was very excited to photograph Ben and Sarah’s wedding at Younger Ranch.  It is a 100-year-old ranch that was just recently opened up for weddings and it is an absolutely gorgeous location. The bride’s room has a little door that I became obsessed with taking Sarah’s photo in front of.  But can you blame me?  She’s gorgeous! There have been a lot of fires burning in Colorado as they do every summer, but the day of their wedding, in particular, was very hazy, giving everything a bit of a pink tint.  Lucky for us, pink was one of their wedding colors so the sky just added more accents!

We did a “first look” for this wedding too and I loved how excited they both were! The collage below shows Ben making his way across the ranch to where Sarah was waiting for him.  The image in the bottom left is a little blurry because he was moving so fast, but it perfectly captures the moment he saw his beautiful bride and said “Holy crap! You’re beautiful! Am I supposed to be seeing you right now?”

We got a little nervous right before the ceremony when we had some temporary cloud cover, and I captured a funny image of the groom, with the phone in hand checking the weather moments before his beautiful bride walked down the aisle.  We got lucky again when the weather turned and the sun peeked out through the clouds and haze for a bit before the reception.  All around it was a beautiful wedding!

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