Savannah, Caroline, Olivia & Jackson

Check out these gorgeous kiddos! I met these Panama City natives on a beautiful end of summer day just after a rainstorm, which created a pretty amazing backdrop for their session.  When all the kiddos first got out of the car and I saw how they were all dressed, I knew I had to get them down by the water, and I was so happy when they agreed!  Savannah (the redhead) is 22 and loves to sing and play the piano.  Caroline (the tallest) is 17 and going into her senior year of high school and also loves to sing. Olivia is 15, loves to read, and is an artist. Last, is charming Jackson, who loves Star Wars and computer games. They were all an absolute treat to photograph, I only wish I’d been able to convince Mom to join in the photos too!

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