Aliya & Lem

When I first met Aliya, my photographer’s eye told me that I absolutely had to photograph her. So, when she said she wanted to set up an anniversary session for her and her husband, I was delighted.  Because of the color of Aliya’s eyes, Delray Oaks immediately popped into my mind, and as luck would have it, the symbol for your 5th year of marriage is wood making it the perfect location.  These two have beautiful ease with one another and are the first couple that didn’t burst out laughing when I asked them to look at one another. That tells me that their love story runs deep and they’ve achieved something together, that I wish everyone was lucky enough to experience.  Watching the two of them giggle and move together during our shoot made my heart really happy.  Kudos Aliya and Lem, you two are the bees knees!

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