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  1. Family Portraits at the Eau Palm

    When I received the phone call from Laurie about photographing her family portraits at the Eau Palm, she described photos she’d seen that I’ve captured of people jumping on the beach,  and I was thrilled! I love being able to capture keepsake memories like these, and I enjoy it even…

  2. Marie Turns 15!

    The day Marie turned 15 was also the deadline for virtual students to turn in photos to be used for their yearbooks.  So, we posed her in a neutral background captured some shots for school, and then moved on to the birthday celebration shoot! Her little sister even joined in…

  3. Aliya & Lem

    When I first met Aliya, my photographer’s eye told me that I absolutely had to photograph her. So, when she said she wanted to set up an anniversary session for her and her husband, I was delighted.  Because of the color of Aliya’s eyes, Delray Oaks immediately popped into my…

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