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  1. Feature on Shoutout Miami

    I was recently featured on Shoutout Miami talking about the importance of work/ life balance, and all things creative. It was a fun interview and I got to share some of my favorite images captured in the last Year! Check it out here.

  2. Feature in Gothesque Magazine

    My photography was recently featured again in the latest issue of Gothesque Magazine! The theme for the issue was ‘The Delicate Cultivation of Darkness’ and my series is titled Wisteria Dreams.  For this collection I utilized what most people would be annoyed by, having their wisteria vines topple over in…

  3. Feature on Voyage MIA

    I was recently featured on the Voyage Mia website, and love that they printed every word I said verbatim.  It was really nice to be heard and to get to talk about my art and career as a Photographer and Mixed Media Artist. Check out the article here:

  4. Feature in Gothesque Jr.

    My daughter’s two best friends were visiting from Colorado, so of course, we had to plan out a photoshoot. Gothesque Jr.’s theme for the month was “Moody Portraits” and what could be better for that theme than three teenagers? We had planned all week where it was going to be…

  5. Marie Turns 15!

    The day Marie turned 15 was also the deadline for virtual students to turn in photos to be used for their yearbooks.  So, we posed her in a neutral background captured some shots for school, and then moved on to the birthday celebration shoot! Her little sister even joined in…

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