Feature in Gothesque Jr.

My daughter’s two best friends were visiting from Colorado, so of course, we had to plan out a photoshoot. Gothesque Jr.’s theme for the month was “Moody Portraits” and what could be better for that theme than three teenagers? We had planned all week where it was going to be and then that day after all the hair and make-up was done, it started pouring rain! We had almost given up and were on our way home when the clouds parted right at sunset. We popped out of the car onto the beach and I was able to capture these moments that are now featured in Gothesque Jr. for their Moody Portraits issue! Bonus -Maddie is the back cover girl! Check it out here: https://www.gothesquejr.com/moodyportraits/

Back cover of Maddie on Gothesque Jr.
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