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  1. Feature in Gothesque Magazine

    My photography was recently featured again in the latest issue of Gothesque Magazine! The theme for the issue was ‘The Delicate Cultivation of Darkness’ and my series is titled Wisteria Dreams.  For this collection I utilized what most people would be annoyed by, having their wisteria vines topple over in…

  2. Feature in Gothesque Jr.

    My daughter’s two best friends were visiting from Colorado, so of course, we had to plan out a photoshoot. Gothesque Jr.’s theme for the month was “Moody Portraits” and what could be better for that theme than three teenagers? We had planned all week where it was going to be…

  3. Red Queen Feature in Gothesque Magazine

    Creating for this issue of Gothesque Magazine was an absolute blast.  The monthly theme was “Red,” my favorite color, so I jumped at the idea to create something beautiful.  I planned out a portrait session that captured my lovely friend Denise and her three handsomely brooding sons. Decked out in…

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