Red Queen Feature in Gothesque Magazine

Creating for this issue of Gothesque Magazine was an absolute blast.  The monthly theme was “Red,” my favorite color, so I jumped at the idea to create something beautiful.  I planned out a portrait session that captured my lovely friend Denise and her three handsomely brooding sons. Decked out in a beautiful red dress, a crown, and surrounded by red roses, and smoke bombs, we were truly able to make some magic happen! 

Check out this excerpt from Denise in the issue:

“After convincing my brooding teenage sons to participate, we opened a bottle of Argentinian Malbec, pulled out costumes from her studio, and a quick trip to the store, we set the stage of The Red Queen and her brooding sons. My sons being musicians with a wardrobe primarily black did not require any costume change, just participation. 

After the stage and its participants were set, Gina envisioned taking the best shots right before sunset with her beautiful green and flowering backyard as the backdrop.

The Red Queen, and her brooding sons, represent resiliency, strength, and determination despite the recent precious loss of life, from my son’s uncle Keith, that made a huge impact on our own. This mood of brooding, remembrance, and resiliency is ever more relevant now during this time of the worldwide pandemic, and the many who are suffering due to loss, fear, and changes in our everyday realities. ”

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