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  1. Feature on Shoutout Miami

    I was recently featured on Shoutout Miami talking about the importance of work/ life balance, and all things creative. It was a fun interview and I got to share some of my favorite images captured in the last Year! Check it out here.

  2. Feature on Voyage MIA

    I was recently featured on the Voyage Mia website, and love that they printed every word I said verbatim.  It was really nice to be heard and to get to talk about my art and career as a Photographer and Mixed Media Artist. Check out the article here:

  3. My personal story of using an IUD

    This is the very personal story of what happened to me after using an IUD, and how I lost the ability to ever have any more children. Because of my experience, I am even more deeply grateful for every family that I photograph because I won’t have the opportunity to…

  4. Katherine & Greg’s Engagement Party at the Addison

    Katherine and Greg’s engagement party at the Addison was a beautiful night filled with laughter, conga lines, and lots of love! It was originally supposed to a surprise party where this gorgeous couple would reveal they had gotten engaged and are eloping in Hawaii, but the secret got out, and…

  5. Feature in Gothesque Jr.

    My daughter’s two best friends were visiting from Colorado, so of course, we had to plan out a photoshoot. Gothesque Jr.’s theme for the month was “Moody Portraits” and what could be better for that theme than three teenagers? We had planned all week where it was going to be…

  6. Red Queen Feature in Gothesque Magazine

    Creating for this issue of Gothesque Magazine was an absolute blast.  The monthly theme was “Red,” my favorite color, so I jumped at the idea to create something beautiful.  I planned out a portrait session that captured my lovely friend Denise and her three handsomely brooding sons. Decked out in…

  7. Family Portrait Session

    This family has been blessed with 5, count them 5 absolutely gorgeous kids and each one of them has a very different and distinct personality which is very apparent in their photos.  I had a blast the evening of their shoot, but I think I had even more fun editing…

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